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    Your hair is your crowning glory and after working all day to help you present your best you, each strand should be wrapped in luxury.  Satinsakks is that luxury.

    Satinsakks is an attractive, comfortable hair wrap made of the smooth satin found in smooth beautiful satin sheets or luxurious satin pajamas.  This luxury wrap helps the hair slide and move freely, which minimizes breakages and protects your hair style from root to tip.

    Cotton and other materials create friction and cause hair breakages; Satinsakks is uniquely designed with the satin on the inside where it is most beneficial to the hair.  It features a soft pliable, adjustable band that fits comfortably along the forehead and attaches at the nape of the neck for a secure fit.  This innovative band prevents the unattractive line that ill-fitting hair wraps leave on the forehead.  Satinsakks is also very light weight and allows the hair to breathe as it is being caressed in satin.

    Everyone loves to be pampered.  Satinsakks is the ultimate pampering for your hair.

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